Friday the 13th and Other Superstitions

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is generally considered one of the unluckiest days in western culture. In fact, the stress Management Center and Phobia Institute estimates that $700 million to $800 million is lost in business revenue as so many people are wary of making large purchases or decisions that day for fear of a bad outcome. According to research out of the U.K., between 2005- 2012 there were 43 percent fewer transactions on Friday 13th compared to other Fridays in the year.

What other superstitions and traditions to people have surrounding buying and moving into a new home?

Moving on a Friday or Saturday. According to Indian tradition, moving into a new home on a Friday or Saturday is believed to bring bad luck. Thursday, however, is the luckiest day to move.

Arched roads and T shaped intersections. According to Feng Shui, the Chinese philosophy of arranging your surroundings to create harmonious and balanced environment, homes facing a T shaped intersection or on arched roads where traffic is angled toward the home should be avoided. This is because traffic on these roads leads toward the home, causing the road to act as a knife or arrow pointing toward the home.

Building on an old plot of land. If you are planning on building a house from the ground up make sure that a house has never been on the plot before. Superstition says that building a home where another one stood will cause the early death of a family member. So be careful!

Old brooms. Never bring an old broom into a new house. Cleaning your home with an old broom will bring all of your previous misfortunes into your new home. Old brooms also carry quite a bit of dirt with them, so superstition or not, buying a new broom is probably a good idea.

Source: NAR – Newsline Blog
Friday the 13th and Other Superstitions