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Sustainable Events

Sustainable events have the opportunity to create a positive community legacy through purchasing decisions, energy conservation, and waste reduction efforts. Events can engage the community in sustainability efforts and inspire people to take action in their daily lives.

The City of Eugene encourages event planners and sponsors to invest in sustainable event management practices. Best practices can provide a framework for event planners to excel beyond current industry practices and improve the environmental footprint of events. Sustainable events support the City’s goal of sustainable development by implementing a Triple Bottom Line approach, considering the environment, economy, and equity.

What is the connection between sustainable events and City of Eugene goals & policies?

Environment: Waste reduction and recovery, purchasing clean energy, and considering impacts on water quality are essential strategies for our community to reduce greenhouse gas impacts and reach the community targets established in the Climate and Energy Action Plan and Climate Recovery Ordinance.

Economy: Sustainable purchasing practices advance the local economy and create supply chains. The Joint Elected Officials of Eugene, Springfield, and Lane County created a shared vision of our economic future through a Regional Prosperity Economic Development Plan. This vision meets the pressing economic problems of today while laying the foundation for a sustainable future based on emerging green innovation and technology.

Equity: Organizers bridge the gap to make events more inclusive by increasing accessibility for disabled persons and by engaging non-traditional participants in attending events. The City of Eugene’s Diversity and Equity Strategic Plan is Eugene’s formal policy on equity and human rights and part of the triple bottom line standard with which any organization hosting a sustainable event in Eugene should consider.


The City’s Library, Recreation, & Cultural Services department has important information about hosting events in Eugene. You can also visit our resource page to learn more.

Source: Eugene – Local News
Recycle & Compost in the Community