Help Your Clients Avoid a Plumbing Nightmare


Plumbing problems can become a disaster if they’re not spotted early enough. A small leak, for instance, can grow quickly, with water leaking all over the hardwood floors. And the cleanup can be expensive. You can help your clients avoid a plumbing disaster by making them aware of the problem signs. recently highlighted some of those signs.

Here are more tips to offer clients: 5 Ways to Avoid a Plumbing Disaster

Beware of slow drains. A clogged drain is one of the most common plumbing problems. Call in a professional to unclog it. A do-it-yourself repair can make the problem worse.

Get a maintenance check. Some home owners opt to have a regular maintenance check to address any ongoing issues. Have a professional plumber assess the system to see if it poses any future risk. A home with tree roots blocking outdoor drains, for example, might require a plumber to clear the drains every six months to prevent a back-up that could overflow into the home.

Avoid do-it-yourself installations. Putting in a new sink or replacing an old tub or shower may seem like something a home owner can handle, but experts say to think twice before you DIY. New plumbing fixtures installed incorrectly could lead to a costly water disaster.

Plan ahead. If a home repair requires opening up floors or walls in the bathroom or kitchen, clients may want to budget for upgrading any older pipes at that time, too. For example, old terra cotta waste lines can become cracked and invaded by roots, and steel pipes are prone to internal rusting that can lead to buildup. Eventually, the pipes can burst or reduce water pressure.

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Help Your Clients Avoid a Plumbing Nightmare