Our excellent reputation is built on our clients’ experiences. We get lots of great feedback. The testimonials below offer just a smattering of what they have to say about our staff and services.

If you’d like to read more of our client comments, let us know.

We’ll be happy to share them with you. We’re always glad to offer references too. If you want to offer your feedback or recommend our services to others, feel free to contact us.

Marisa and the firm are unlike other realtors I’ve experienced. They combine knowledge, a great friendly personality, and willingness to go beyond what would be required. I recommend Marisa Fox! She is knowledgeable and full of energy that she puts to work for you. I’ve used her four times and she is always great to work with.

–Lore Bensel

Finding a real estate agent in another state to refer your good friends and clients to, when they decide to leave California, is no small under-taking. After chatting with a few Oregon real estate agents, I stumbled upon Eugene’s Alternative Realtors. What a name! “Alternative” perfectly described my friends so I dug into who these alternative agents were. Bingo, landed on Tawnya Madsen who has a background as a lawyer and mediator. It’s as if the heavens opened up…and after a Zoom call with my clients we all agreed it was a MATCH. Not only that but within weeks, they found a house they loved. Tawnya managed the transaction and took care of all the first-time buyer questions and concerns, coupled with the buyers not being local to the area during the process). I will be happy to refer Eugene home buyer future clients to Tawnya and know they will be in good hands!

–Susie W.

Continue pointing out issues you see on homes, sharing information about unique features of homes that are important to clients.

–Steve & Sylvia Young

I was glad to be able to use someone I trusted to help me sell the house. Someone ethical that I know would listen and not be pushy or try to get me to do something I didn’t want to do. “What did you like about Eugene’s Alternative, your agent and your experience?” Giving me a ride to the title company. All that personal touch stuff! That helped make it easier.

Christine Prescott

Low pressure, knowledgable about all kinds of things, friendly, available, just all around great and relatable. Thanks Marisa!!

Mikalina & Marshall K.

Tawnya is great to work with. She’s attentive, knowledgable, helpful and personable. As such, she’s the perfect representative for the agency. We’ve moved out of the area, but wouldn’t hesitate to use Tawnya again! Thanks for everything!

Judy and Skip

She (Pam) was honest, patient and very knowledgable about Eugene. We very much appreciate her discernment. It was always a delight to meet with Pam. Pam rocks!

Lissa Wadewitz & Tom Mertes

“Todd is an excellent agent. He made every effort to meet our unique situation (settling an estate while living out of the state) He kept us up to date at every step of the process.
I highly recommend Todd.”

Tom Sikes

“Tawnya and I worked as a team in selling my property. She was always on top of what needed to be done. She also communicated to me and everyone else involved in a clear, concise way. Tawnya is a good problem solver with years of experience. Honestly, I can not think of anything to improve upon. I bought my property through Eugene’s Alternative REALTORS (Tawnya) and 6 and a 1/2 years later sold my property using Tawnya.”

Diane Zumer

“We honestly don’t know what Billy could have done better. He was there every step of the way that was such a big help to us. 10/10 star experience. Billy really made our home buying experience the best. He educated us so much on being home owners who are well informed and helped us find the home that was right for us.”

Logan & Brett Newstead

(Billy) What should I stop doing? “Nothing. You are great!”

What should I continue doing? “Being kind, helpful, responsive and going above and beyond for your clients!”

Caitlin & Mckenzie Myers

“Responsible, knowledgable, no pressure, listened to us. During our search was available to show us properties and then throughout the offer and closing he was very helpful! We met Todd at an open house and appreciated his straightforward and practical manner. We didn’t have a realtor at that point and Todd stepped up to set up RMLS notifications. Thanks Todd!”

Angie Ruzicka & Darko Sojack

(Todd & Tawnya) “Very helpful, efficient, friendly and always had time for me. I would use them again.”

Ilona McClory

“Pam made buying my first home a great experience. She was able to work around my crazy work schedule and there for any questions I had!”

Kelsey Rodgers

“Todd was beyond exceptional. Always ahead of the game. Before we could ask a question he had already answered it. Todd is great and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services to friends or family.”

Lauren & Kevin Settles

“As we were out of state buyers, we did not have the usual amount of time to explore houses in Eugene. Tawnya’s ability to quickly understand what was important to us and guide us in that direction was invaluable. Tawnya helped with every aspect of the process – from lenders to inspections, repairs and closing. Every question was answered so quickly. We felt that Tawnya was always looking out for our best interests, and that’s a good feeling! I never imagined that we could have found a home that was perfect for us, so quickly. It wasn’t just luck! Tawnya is super hard working, intuitive, and professional. I highly recommend working with her!”

Kathy & Dave Maguire

(Tawnya) We always appreciate Tawnya’s expertise, knowledge and willingness to go above and beyond. Thank you for helping us sell our first home!

Yarasel & Nate Otjen

Todd was a great communicator, giving us understanding about each step of the process. Appreciated how he kept us up-to-date on each detail. Enjoyed getting to know Todd~very personable and good sense of humor. Took good care of us, while also taking vacation time with his family.

Dan & Joyce Hartman

(Todd) Our broker went to bat for us when it really counted, and we felt like the experts were on our side the whole time.

Dylan & Dani

Tawnya is kind, personable, knowledgeable and trustworthy. She also admits when she doesn’t know something (then finds it out) and doesn’t oversell. She even plays Devil’s Advocate with us.

Will & Laura Johnson

(Billy) You were very available and responsive. Your hands-on approach was so helpful. You made great suggestions but never pushed me. You listened to me and always gave great feedback. You supported my decisions and were sensitive to my feelings about things. You are an excellent realtor and a very even and calm influence.

Julie Berndt

Marisa Fox helped us get into the house of our dreams by listening to us and supporting us through the process. She is a fun and lovely person to go through the process with and never made me feel bad for asking questions. It’s a crazy time to buy a house, and she made it seem easy.

Martha Dyer

Marisa was great. She sent me emails as soon as new properties came on the market, and was always eager to meet me for tours. She took all the stress out of scheduling and paperwork, and was always available to talk to me when I was feeling anxious about my purchase. We wrote 6 offers, because of the crazy market, but she stayed optimistic and wasn’t deterred by rejections, or sales being canceled due to inspections. I felt like she truly had my best interest heart every step of the way.

Liz Kruze

I can not recommend Marisa enough. From start to finish she has been on top of it and helped me every step of the way. She has great local lender suggestions. She knows Eugene area as she’s a native but is also knowledgeable in the Oregon market generally. Very personable, the showings impressed me. She was a listing agent but able to be objective about a property and it impressed me, so felt great about choosing her as a buyers agent. Wonderful realtor and human being.

Joseph McManus

Tawnya has a personal touch, desire to really understand clients, lack of judgement, helpfulness and thoroughness. I always knew it would be done right. You’re amazing!

Sam Sanders

What should I stop doing? Nothing, very happy with everything. What should I continue doing? Being available for questions and quickly responding to all communications.

Anthony Groff

Pam, you somehow found time to help me on the first day we met! You listened to what my situation was and provided helpful advise. You were kind, helpful and found time to help me buy a house in 72 hours, can’t ask more than that, thanks.

Sal Jepson

(Billy) Honestly we felt like it was a very complete experience. What should I continue doing? Being thorough and informative; as first time home buyers we felt educated on the process and understood what to look for in a home. ‘

Tyler Straub & Alizaire Lewis

Pam was highly responsive in communication and took the time necessary to explain anything in the home buying process that we didn’t fully understand. So friendly and helpful! 

Lucy Miner & Evan Elderbrock

Pam took the time to get to know us and what we were looking for. Her experience and positive outlook helped us navigate an especially challenging market. We enjoyed Bethany, too. Pam was punctual, flexible, responsive, patient and a good communicator.

Lee, Gaily and Holly Phares

Tawnya strikes the perfect balance of being friendly and approachable while also being extremely reliable and a stickler for the details (in a good way!). It was a pleasure to work with her and we will continue to refer her to everyone we can.

Sasha and Jason V.

I found Todd to be very experienced and realistic about the process. It was very streamlined, even with the problems that came up. His use of digital technologies assisted the process as well. He is a good communicator and able to deliver upon his estimations and promises. A+! Thank you for a great experience and a good working relationship.

Tamara Kidd

Tawnya Madsen is by far the best realtor I have ever dealt with for so many reasons. I have worked with her twice in order to find and buy a house, consulted with her several times and also recommended her to friends, who have liked her so much that they in turn recommended her to their son and friends. She has an impressive foundation of legal, procedural and nuts & bolts knowledge regarding residential real estate that is beautifully blended with solid ethics, genuine warm-heartedness and a win-win mediation style. Her professional skills and demeanor are flawless. What always impresses me the most about Tawnya is that she fully respects your vision of what kind of home you want and need and she carefully works within the financial boundaries that you have determined as appropriate. Your needs are much more important to her than her own commission, a fact that is so truly self-evident in all Tawnya does that it feels rather awkward and superfluous to even mention it. She will be scrupulously honest with you about any situation, even difficult ones, and speak to you about it with kindness and professionalism that never leaves you feeling pressured or confused. Unless there is something absolutely preventing her, she responds to your calls and emails immediately and promptly addresses your concerns or needs. The bottom line is that Tawnya will always go the extra mile to help you and you feel extremely grateful to have her in your corner. Buying a house is terribly stressful and your life is on hold during the process. Tawnya understands this completely, and she provides you with an anchor within the storm of uncertainty and pressure that is inherent to the buying process. Although my relationship with Tawnya has been exclusively professional up until this point, I count her as a friend and will continue to recommend her without the slightest reservation to anyone looking for a realtor.

Alison Stanton

Todd was so personable. He went above and beyond. I would highly recommend him. He was patient and knowledgeable, two thumbs up!

Thank you for all your hard work; it was truly wonderful doing business with you!


(Tawnya) What did you like about Eugene’s Alternative, your agent and your experience? Easy process, Tawnya was proactive, helpful, kept in touch with us and our property manager. Perhaps we will buy/sell again!

–Judy Benson & Skip Shank

(Billy) Billy helped me sell and buy houses in 2019 and was extremely pleased with my experiences. Billy is awesome, a great communicator and worked hard for me!

What should I start doing? Keep doing what you do!

–Tim Arthurs

(Todd) What did you like about Eugene’s Alternative, your agent and your experience? Choosing properties to look at, easy to organize a time to view homes, house buying process was step-by-step very simple and any questions were well addressed. Todd was great at explaining the process in an easy-to-understand fashion. He was friendly and flexible. Todd did a great job of alleviating my worries when it came to buying a home and gave great advice during the buying process.

–Kristen Rosenblum & Spencer Dandy

(Todd) It’s all about the agent. On top of everything! Todd did a great job!

–Bill & Pam Spencer

(Todd) He explained everything so that I knew what to expect. He communicated frequently and went above what was expected. Thanks for a great job!

–Jenna Langan

(Pam) Very responsive; felt like Pam actually cared about finding us the best price for our needs; great communication.

–Jeff and Erika

(Billy) Everything was very helpful!  Keep up what your doing!  Keep up the constant updates on listings and making viewings a fast and simple process!

–Briana Earley

Marisa was very patient as we took our time looking and making the right choices for us.  Thank you again.

–Shanen Sheeley & Paul Wurster

Stephan helped our whole family over the course of two years to find our homes.  Patient, reliable, knowledgeable – great person, great company!  Many thanks we are so happy in our new home.

–D & E Ressler

(Stephan) Had your full attention.  You were always available, considerate and kind!  I can’t think of anything to improve you were perfect!  Love you- Thanks so much for working so well with our wack family.

–Anne Hardy

We really liked Pam’s willingness to point out issues with the houses (as well as positive things!)  She was very frank and we learned a lot from the whole experience.  She was totally willing to tell us NOT to buy a house, and we ended up with the nicest house that we saw!  It’s clear Pam is very experienced and has good connections with businesses in town.  She was able to get things done.

–Andrew Morris and Kiya Riverman

Tawnya went out of her way to be sure we Knew everything about a property and helped us find a loan when others said it would be impossible!  You where Awesome Tawnya!  We trusted your opinions and advice.  Your experience and expertise made finding our home easy.  Thank you!!

–Pam and Dendro Corrid

Tawnya was amazing!  She answered our texts anytime day or night, she made time to show us properties all over Lane county.  We were very specific about what we needed and she not only helped us find many properties that we would be interested in, but she also helped us secure a loan that worked with the property we loved.  Tawnya was incredibly helpful and was a reliable source for information.  She went out of her way to look into questions we had about zoning laws, water rights, land slide issues on properties and more.  We couldn’t have gotten our home without her.  I recommend Eugene’s Alternative for anyone who wants to find the right spot without all the heartache!  Thanks again, Tawnya!

–Pamela Alama

(Pam is) Upfront, realistic, positive attitude, always found me answers to questions throughout whole process.  Super helpful & compassionate & understanding.

–Kathryn Reeder

What should I start doing?  Nothing else you were great Billy would use you again.  Very patient with us.  What should I continue doing?  Being so available that’s great.  You were always there for us.

–Ray and Juliet St. Cyr

Pam has always been knowledgeable, honest and pleasant to entrust with our hopes.  We felt we where in great hands throughout the whole process.  Thank you for the great experience.

–Peter & Elisabeth Crockett

Pat is a dream to work with , watching for the perfect property for us.  Once we found it, she communicated beautifully with us so we always knew the process was on time and moving forward.  Many thanks!

–Joanne & Micheal Smith

Pam was attentive, diligent and worked with the end result in mind.  Thank you Pam!

–Steve Rose

You made my house purchase very easy, very stress free.  Any concerns I had were quickly taken care of.  I couldn’t be happier with the way this purchase went.  Considering my needs as a house shopper.  Tawnya was the perfect realtor. Thanks.

–Dennis Kelley

What did you like about your agent and experience with us?  Efficiency & speed with which she (Tawnya) got everything scheduled for us.  Overall it was a great experience- we got the property we wanted against stiff competition.

–Hannah Porton & Matthew Carr

( Billy) You were wonderful.  Professional, thoughtful, and thorough.  If you don’t have a degree in psychology I’M shocked.  Thank you for talking me down from hysteria several times.

–Kerby Dymoke / Lou Ann Kreutzer

Pam was very nice and respectful of my family and our purchasing arrangement.  Marisa was very helpful!  Overall I am very satisfied with our experience and am glad I chose Eugene’s Alternative Realtors.  Thank you all!

–Latisha Malone

We had an Exceptional experience.  Todd has gone above & beyond what we expected , and we would not own a home if not for his efforts.  Being out of state, and so far away would usually make buying a home in our limited time span impossible.  With Todd not only was it possible it was efficient and painless.  The service was exceptional.  We would definitely recommend Todd to anyone buying a home in Eugene.

–Pendar Paul Madavi & Alison Kyra Carter

He (Todd) was always available to answer questions.  Everything was smooth and easy.  Thanks for everything I will be recommending you to others.

–Jenna Langar

Would you recommend us to friends?  Yes  What should I (Billy)  start doing?  Don’t Change

— Gene Andueza

What should I start doing?  Nothing!  You ( Billy ) are awesome  What should I stop doing?  Nothing!  No complaints  What should I continue doing?  Explaining thoroughly and patiently 🙂

–Marie Fisher

What did you like about your agent and experience with us?  (Tawnya’s)  Eagerness, great communication, focus, Experience!  What can we improve?  Nothing?  Everything was excellent!

–Micheal & Anja

Everything about Eugene’s Alternative felt completely genuine.  I never doubted your motives.  I would highly recommend Tawnya to new home buyers and experienced.

–Rowan Lowden

Pat is a dream to work with , watching for the perfect property for us.  Ounce we found it, she communicated beautifully with us so we always knew the process was on time and moving forward.  Many thanks!

–Joanne & Micheal Smith

I was very impressed with Pat’s thoroughness and punctuality.  I never had to wait for anything and she very often anticipated my needs.  (I was) Also impressed with her professionalism. Buying and selling a house is a very complex process.  I can’t Imagine doing it without a Realtor and Pat is one of the best.

— Barbara A. Maier

Tawnya was excellent.  She went out of her way for us so that we could make our purchase in a very short time frame.  Very professional, timely, easy to work with and great at her job.

–Paula & Pete Tomczak

Todd was very gracious and very thorough.  He was on top of his game when we didn’t know what to do.  Excellent worker.  Thank you for all your help.  It was quite a life changing adventure , we couldn’t do on our own.

–Sharon and Dan Reeve

To be honest, having used 5 different realtors in my life, [Billy is] by for the best.  [He] exceeded all expectations.  [He was] personable, diligent, helpful, pleasant, authentic, honest, flexible, fun, and knowledgeable about the real estate process.

–David and Maya Ray

Pam and everyone at Eugene’s Alternative were amazingly helpful and patient throughout the entire selling and buying process.

–Michael Nixon

Billy was outstanding.  He was kind and courteous and followed up with every question and request quickly and thoroughly.  His experience and expertise was great!

–Rene St. Cyr

Tawnya went above and beyond what any other agent might have.  She took videos of a house, worked up 3 deals, and met inspectors and fence builders.  This particular move was the most difficult of my life for many reasons.  Tawnya made the house purchase so easy that I never had to worry about a thing where the house was concerned.

–Sherie Maddox

Billy’s thoroughness and willingness to go the extra distance was awesome.  Very punctual.  (What can we improve?) Not sure, we think you [he] did great… maybe [he] could’ve bought the house and just gifted it to us?

–Justin & Shannon Schott-Lanphear

I would not have gotten my property if Tawnya had not been so quick to respond to my inquiry.  I very much appreciated Tawnya’s support and knowledge.  I was tired from such a long move and she kept me on track!

–Diane Zumer

My experience with my realtor, Billy, was incredibly personable.  He heard my needs and educated me on the big picture of buying a home.  Working with Eugene’s Alternative Realtors is the way to go- down to earth, local, brilliant!

–Jennifer Ferraez

Pat is a professional and showed this every step of the way.  I was very comfortable with her and she had the patience of a saint with me.

–Margaret E Graham

Tawnya was professional, thorough, patient, and personable.  [She] found us the perfect house.  Yay!

–Chris Williams and Deena Berg

My experience with Eugene’s Alternative has been great.  I really enjoyed working with Pam and Billy.  They were so helpful finding me the home. Pam was so nice and took me in her car to look at any home I wanted.  Her honesty and professionalism was awesome.

–Eric Avelar

Pat really invested herself in my needs as a home buyer.  Buying a home is a very personal experience and Pat was sensitive and really caring given my complicated circumstances.  Pat Stacey is more than a Realtor.  I could trust her advice and support completely because I know she has a high level of integrity and that she really wants the best for me.  Thanks Pat!


Billy was knowledgeable, patient, and paid great attention to detail.  He helped us in every way possible even with local contractors.

–Gail and Karen

It was a true pleasure working with Todd Cranmer.  You guys are truly wonderful team to work with.  I really liked your professional way of handling this sale.

–Farrukh Raza

Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable. The contact was a plus. We liked knowing what was going on. It was a pleasure doing business with you, Pam.  Thank you for everything.

–Gordon Tompkins

Tawnya is amazing! Very accommodating and quick to respond. She’s always available to help and has a great personality.  We recommend her often.

–Clint and Kelly Foley

Stephan was a great pleasure to work with & he always had our best interests in mind. He is very dedicated, supportive and found us our perfect home in a short amount of time. We will be recommending Eugene’s Alternative Realtor and Stephan Andreson to everyone we know! Thank you for the amazing experience!

–Tracy Martindale

Pat was consistently responsive and came to me while I was out of town for last minute signatures.

–Happy Client

Todd was not pushy at all and was very helpful in providing us with lots of information. He was available whenever we needed him. We were very pleased with Todd as our realtor and we have recommended him to friends, family and colleagues.

–Paula Spriggs

Pam was outstanding!!! We could not have had a better agent. She is quick to respond and extremely knowledgeable. I can’t imagine navigating the market without her. Before we even knew we were moving to Eugene and were just visiting the town, Pam welcomed us and took us around to get to know the homes and area. After we moved she patiently helped us find the perfect place and we couldn’t be happier. We have bought and sold homes before and can truly say Pam is the best. We would highly recommend her and Todd (who was extremely helpful when Pam was on vacation). Truly, many thanks for all you did to help make Eugene home for us Pam!!!

–Karl & Sondra Stegenga

Tawnya found a buyer that was good. What I appreciated the most was her effort to get contractors, inspectors, ect. on the job quickly so that closing was done in a timely manner. Thanks, great job.

–Mitchell and Stephanie

We are completely satisfied with the way our agent (Billy Clotere) handled every aspect of being there for us. He put his care for the client above anything, being available both in person and on the phone whenever we needed him. Excellent Realtor!

–Kevin & Angelika

Pat has been a joy to work with She is the very definition of “Professional”! This was a truly challenging transaction. Pat and Todd kept their cool through the process which seemed designed to try men’s souls!

–Darryl & Andy

We appreciated Stephan for the friendly, professional service and quick response times. Thank you!!

–Will Dixon, AIA

We found Pat to be professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy, easy to work with and always available. But totally rocking as well! She made an otherwise scary and stressful venture easy and even fun.

She held our hand through all aspects of the house buying process. She even met with the inspectors on our behalf, as we live out of town. Pat covered all the bases, watched out for our interests, and was by our side from the beginning of our search to the day we sat down to sign the escrow papers.

I have worked with 6 other Realtors and I have never before experienced such wonderful treatment. Your company is a great alternative, especially Pat.

–Rushiko Nishikuni & Margot Hale

We enjoyed the friendly, experienced broker we worked with at Eugene’s Alternative. We plan on recommending your company to all of our friends and family. Thank you Billy Clotere for taking care of us and handling everything right up to closing while keeping us informed on everything.

–James Stein

Tawnya was eager to help, worked hard to intuit our needs, and was prompt to answer our calls and texts. She worked well with seller’s agent to get us what we wanted. Long distance moves can be a nightmare, but Tawnya made things easy with her responsiveness. She was a joy to collaborate with.

–Ruth & Dan

We appreciated Todd’s positive, professional service. The right amount of communication and above-board negotiating skills; we were well represented.

–Mark & Judy Clark

Pat was professional, kind and eager to accommodate. You’re wonderful, thank you.

— Gerald & Ruth

Straight forward, no-nonsense approach. Good advice on pricing and decision-making.

–Jeff Edmundson & Eddy Shuldman

Pam – you are a rock star & so is Tawnya. Your commitment to sticking with us through the years, with patience & friendliness will be something that stays with us for a lifetime.

–Steven & Amanda Sutphen

What is not to like about Pat? We absolutely loved her – And I’ll admit – I kind of miss her. I considered your help to be perfect. Thank you for everything <3.

–Denise, time, Caelan & Samara

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Eugene’s Alternative is simply the best. From the first consultation with Pat, we were sure we had chosen the right person. We have never worked with someone as thorough, professional and kind as Pat.

–Mark & Kerry-Frances

Pam was great to work with. When she wasn’t available, which was rare, someone else from the office was there to help. They’re a great team. Thank you for making our first home purchase so easy!

–Brett, Tonya & Girls

Tawnya never made us feel like any request was unreasonable, even when looking at many houses over the course of many weeks. We enjoyed Tawnya, which made the chore of looking for a house that much more enjoyable.

–Casey Wilson & Jody Bramel

Pat went above and beyond. She was able to get my contractor situation worked out and saved me some major stress. Thanks!


Billy was the best! This was not easy, but I had Billy. I could not be any more pleased than I am.

–Chris G.

Tawnya was very wonderful to work with she was very informative and always on top of what was going on.

–Cassy Gowin

Pat Stacey… that’s what I like about your company. She defies words and works straight from the heart; pure joy. But don’t be fooled by the warm and fuzzy, she is a razor sharp closer and she has your back. It has been a pleasure.

–Shannon & Carrie Reilly

Billy was very diligent and hard-working in his efforts to help us in every way possible to sell the house. His help was very effective and appropriate.

–Very Happy Seller

Total professionalism and dedication. Thanks Pat!


She was the best- first class in every way. She went through the whole process from beginning to end as if it was her house she was buying, We love her! Tawnya is the best real estate professional I’ve ever known. She impressed us so much we’re continuing to use her services. We recommend her highly. We actually think she’s the best! Eugene’s Alternative offers modern convenience with a comfortable and casual, yet professional service. Nice people who work hard and are efficient with new options for expediting the tedious nature of paperwork. Our agent went out of her way to video properties, which was above & beyond.

–Adam & Nicole Albright

Stephan had great availability and always returned phone calls.

— David Larson

Pam was amazing at helping with my unique situation and time concerns. She was happy to take my family along and never missed a beat through a long closing. She is still amazingly helpful now, 6 months later!

–Kristi Potter, University Researcher

Tawnya did a really fantastic job! She is an excellent communicator. All communications were within a timely manner and all questions were answered and/or researched satisfactorily. Tawnya was extremely patient & kind with us. She was a trooper and stuck it out with us!

–Leslie Tenmaers, Crystal Hibbs (Communications Guru), & Eric Stromberg

Working w/ Pam was a lesson in effective marketing. We sold my father’s house in 2 months! The key is to trust their ways and it will all come together. Don’t fight the force of Eugene’s Alternative Realtors! They know the market. The people that make up this business are hard working and accurate. I initially chose this business because of their superior website, but quickly learned they had amazing people skills too. That is a rare and magical combination. I LOVED the Home Feed Back feature. Bottom line: This real estate company will spoil you so much that you will never be satisfied with anyone else again.
We ? Pam!

What could we have done better?
Now that I have worked w/ another real estate establishment a couple of hundred miles south of Eugene I can safely say that your approach to selling a house is superior to all others!

Would you recommend us to your friends?

–Chérie & Beckie, First Time Estate Representative

Friendly, knowledgeable, professional service. I was immediately at ease with Tawnya. She knows Eugene backwards & forwards. She was always accessible and understood what I was looking for, always keeping within my price range.

–Judi Brown

We enjoyed everything! The new office is conveniently located and the staff is super friendly and so accommodating, especially Pam! Great communication between parties involved, and Pam’s resources for readying our house for sale was invaluable. We will use Eugene’s Alternative Realtors again hands down over anyone else. Thank you!

–Carl & Petra

Everything was explained clearly from the get go. You cipher all the legal talk into layman’s terms very well. I had an unusually long & scary short sale & Pam kept me calm through the whole process. Pam was always there when I needed her with a text or showing up to meet me. I don’t know how you do it!

–Jill & Eli, Homeowners

Stephan made us feel like we were his only clients.

–Laura Clark

Tawnya was very responsive and always available to answer questions or show us a home that looked interesting. She didn’t push us to consider houses that were out of our price range or settle on a house that wasn’t right for us. Great experience overall – very patient and helpful.

–Austin & Melody Meek

Pat Stacey is an incredibly hard working woman dedicated to making clients happy. Wonderful lady. I’m amazed by her kindness. It was a fantastic and wonderful experience. Eugene is beautiful. Great shopping. Hiking. Love the deer and turkeys who hang around here.


Pam, you did such an excellent job. Truly, we can not think of anything you needed to do differently. We appreciate all the hard work you put in, that every question or request was handled promptly and the whole experience was pleasant and un-stressful. We have spoken highly of you and your company to all of our family. Thank you for being supportive and helpful every step of the way and for being such a nice person. We wish you much happiness and success. Sincerely, Jack and Joan.

–Jack Stryker & Joan Woodbury

Pam was very professional and right on top of things. Once we made the decision to sell, she took it and ran with it. She and Pat took care of everything. It was painless!! It was a huge relief to sell at close to asking price.

–Xia, 50-somthing starting a new life!

Eugene Alternative gave us the best experience in buying and selling our home. The agents were very friendly, with customer service skills that made it comfortable to express my expectations from them all. Did they deliver. Yes the did! Great, great company of professionals to do business with!

Dave your company was great. I just love how you were able to tell me we would be able to sell, when I felt like I wouldn’t. You were so positive, you really know this market!

Dave & Team Thanks so, so much. And the very best to you all!

–Doloris, Keep in Touch!

We Love Pat! She went above and beyond and answered all of my annoying questions!  She felt more like a friend than a Realtor. Thanks for all your help with everything!

–Anna, Seth, & Alek

Pam seems to really enjoy her job. She got me the documents I requested quickly and kept in touch. And, of course, she happily drove us to the coast.


We found Tawnya early in the process of buying our first home. Her recommendations for areas and home styles, as well as general tips for buying, helped us narrow our focus to select properties. Tawnya stuck with us over a few months as we saved for our down payment. She responded quickly to every question we had, which set her apart from other agents we were considering earlier in the process–for this reason, and because she provided great advice generally, we chose Tawnya as our exclusive agent.

She (quite patiently) guided us through many home viewings, and wasn’t afraid to give her experienced opinion on properties, which is invaluable when you’ve seen too many (or too few) homes in one day and lose perspective. When we showed interest in a property, she very quickly assembled information unavailable on Zillow or other home buying websites, which often gave us a better idea of the true condition and value of the home.

We finally found our home, and she helped us make an offer. Tawnya guided us through every part of negotiation and closing. She made several visits to our property to check on issues or concerns, and in doing so was–as always–professional and happy to assist. We purchased our home, and she continues to provide useful recommendations on local contractors for a few upgrades we’re making. Tawnya helped us through every part of our home purchase, making an otherwise stressful experience a pleasure. We look forward to recommending her to others, as well as keeping in touch for any future purchases or sales!

–Dan Christensen

Professional, persistent and available.

–Nancy M Barnes; Retired Social Worker

The no-pressure attitude. Walking us through the process as new home buyers. The RMLS emails were extremely helpful. Everyone on the team was easy to talk to over the phone- very friendly.

We missed Pam at signing, but understand she was on holiday and hope she had a great time. 🙂

–John & Shea Beleew

Good responsiveness and communication.


Pam is the greatest, she worked very hard for me, and went of of her way to help me get what I wanted. Everyone at Eugene’s Alternative are very kind and helpful in every way, and will work very hard for you.

I can not think of anything that could have gone any better than it did with my home buying.

–Merry E. Davis; Manufacturer

Very knowledgeable. Kept me informed & worked hard behind the scenes to get the process completed. My sale was fraught w/ challenge and Pam stayed on top of it all.

My first experience selling. Can’t say I would change anything. It was a very good experience. —-Thanks again—-

–Jenny Solomon; Forester/Fireperson

Wow. That’s neat that you guys have a YouTube page. We actually got the pleasure of working with one of your agents there (Tawnya), she did a great job, and we love the home. Still here a year later. The whole process was really pain free and surprisingly quick, even for our ospan situation, lol. Anyway, just thought we would stop by and say thank you again. the Eberhart family

–The Eberhart family

First of all, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you did for us. The Riverview St negotiations and transactions were quite bumpy & challenging but you guys rocked!!! Even though we were 1300 miles away, we had complete trust that you guys could pull off getting this property for us despite all the hurdles it presented. So thank you,….thank you.

Here are a few things we really like about your company:
1. Eric
2. Dave
3. Sage
4. Pam
5. The homegrown feeling of your business versus nationwide real estate companies.
6. Friendly, personal, go a lot of extra miles service.
7. Expertise and Professionalism.
8. Patience
9. Helpful
10. Beautiful office
11. Cheerful and willing to be of service.
12. Abilities to pull a rabbit out of a hat
(obtain home from previous owner)
13. Your website
14. The soul of your company

Thank you for everything. You guys made a really great first impression of doing business in Eugene.

–The Ricker Family

You all went above and beyond in helping me. Moving to a new state is tough but I did not have to worry about anything on this end. You guys took care of everything. I Eugene’s Alternative.

–Bianca Blyth

Harvey and i are in love with the house and I wanted to thank you for making this such a positive experience for us. I will refer you to people forever!

–Kelly Kitchel

Easy to do business with~relaxed yet competent. A Eugene flavor, not some generic could be anywhere feeling.

–Bryan and Susan Wilson

We really appreciated the personalized attention we received. We feel like the folks at alternative are good friends. They do all the work to make it easy to buy or sell. We’ve bought two homes and sold one with alternative and every time it has been a great experience. Highly recommend them to anyone.

–Tammy and Jeremiah

We loved that our family and our desires for finding a home were so respected and made the primary focus of our housing search.

–Theresa Lemire & Jennifer Joslin

You are by far the best of many realtors I have worked with. You were unbelievably patient, low-pressure, no BS and went above and beyond the call of duty on innumerable occasions. Furthermore, you are all a lot of fun to work with.

–Phoebe Gordon

Generally cool, people of like mind – easy to work with, highly knowledgeable firm, but not aggressive – perfect service in a series of imperfect transactions.

–Denise Couch & Louis Olsen; Lane County Business Owners

We felt that the entire staff was looking out for us, helping us find a house that fit our criteria. We would recommend Eugene’s Alternative! 5 months later, we are very pleased with the service and outcome.

–Emily Coonrod & Arthur Turlak

Personal attention, help with the many details of making an offer and staying with buyer through the process of paperwork once the offer has been accepted. It is clear that you all enjoy social interaction and clearly you have excellent client service skills—and great sense of humor!

–Patty Krier & Tom Connolly; Director of Public Programs & Archaeologist/Research Director, Museum of Natural History

You guys were all very friendly and fun to work with. I appreciate your help, considerate guidance and patience throughout the process of buying my first home. I look forward to working with you again in the future and I will gladly refer you to my house hunting friend.

–Thanks again, Bree Fuqua; Teacher

You guys helped us sell our house even though we had already moved to the East Coast-it was so wonderful to leave knowing we were being so well represented & taken care of. You were so professional, detail oriented & strong advocates on our behalf. Thanks for all your help!

–Tony Leiserowitz; Global Warming researcher Yale University
— Jennifer Marlon; Environmental Studies doctoral candidate University of Oregon

Everyone in the team is efficient, friendly and professional but casual. It was a pleasure working with everyone. Thanks for all your help.

–Daniel & Kimberly Falk, Professor U of O

Thanks for that quick sale! dang! we drove down yesterday with a huge load off our backs. mostly my back. my car on the other hand was packed with a full load.

I think it’s cool how you’ve become a generator of prosperity and homes for the community. And helping people navigate the complexities and taboos of money and real estate with the same integrity that you cultivated 15 years ago when i first met you. I’m really proud of your work.


–Wind Kim; PHD in Peace Studies

So great to work with caring, efficient, cover all the bases, there in need pros, It’s good to have a feeling of trust. Thanks so much.

–Linda Brittain

He is fun to do business with, & god damn it, he gets the job done

–Walt Bean; Owner / Electrician Service Electric

Absolutely the best choice for my company when selling our new construction.

–Gordon Nadel; Jasper Hills Construction Inc.

You are down to earth and express what you think is the truth, and back it up with valid information. I appreciate you!

–Craig Soderberg; Lumber Broke

Thanks for helping us through the process of finding our first house. You were able to answer all of our questions, but mostly appreciate your working with our schedules.

–Brian & Erika Broderick; Software engineer

I really appreciate the energy you put forth to help us find our home. Getting to know us and our needs and just being there to answer questions (even before we asked!).
Thanks for seeing us as people, a family… instead of $$$. You were great about sending up-dated e-mails everyday at 6:30am, and finding a way for us to see a house with hardly any notice.
How can you beat that?

–David & Felisha Colden Family; Computer Programmer, Mother of three.

You always took care of the details on the spot. My questions (and they were many) were always answered. I felt like I could trust your judgment during the negotiating process.

–Robyn Gratch; Administrative assistant, Solarc LLC

You were all very flexible & always friendly. You were professional, but not mainstream. You always told us the facts…truthfully! You did great…thanks so much!!

–Amy Lux; mother of two really cute little boys. (Mika and Camale)
–Dane Walhstom; musician.

Thank you so much for everything you did. You certainly helped make an overwhelming transition in our eyes so much easier. Your knowledge, wisdom and the ability to recognize the compatibility between the house we were looking for with our wants and needs made it possible. Y’all ROCK!

–Beth Monterrosa; Self Defense teacher
–Christopher Callhoun; Real Cool Guy

I want to thank all of you, for all of the skill and effort you put in to making our house purchase happen. I guess what I liked most about you all is that no matter how stressed I got, you weren’t stressed! That in itself was very reassuring. Thanks so much for everything. You guys ROCK!

–Sterling and Ruth Wallach; ArtTrek Custom Quality Painting

Working with Eugene’s Alternative – Realtor was an absolute pleasure. Because of the complexities associated with buying a house for the first time and the current sellers market that exists in Eugene, I started the process with a lot of trepidation and a bit of procrastination. It was with joy that I was able to find a Realtor that I felt played no games, but with a straight forwardness and clear communication guided me down the path towards home ownership. I tended to be very picky on finding the perfect house, and they were very patient and informative in showing me various homes around town. They patiently kept with me over the 6 months that it took to find my dream house. Once I finally found the house that fit my many criteria, I discovered that although it was the first day on the market there were at least 3 other bids placed. With Eugene Alternative – Realtor support and knowledge of the current realty market, financial market, and their knowledge of the other parties involved I was able to come out with the winning bid and we glided through the rest of the buying process. I have been in my house for just over a month and I am every day overjoyed to be living there. Its perfect and I am very thankful that I was able to find a Realtor that not only could I trust, but seemed to enjoy the process of helping me. Thank you

–Devin Newman; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (and obviously a good friend of Dave’s)

Eugene’s Alternative – Realtors is a small group, easy to get in touch with, and always cheerful and positive in their response. I feel they know what they are doing and I have confidence in them , so I felt comfortable in our relationship.

–Jeanne Wales; Retired World Traveler

We were treated with respect, attention; very professional yet personal.

–Peter & Denise Sprengelmeyer; Phd/ Oregon Social Learning Center

Thorough Competence, Friendly Approach, Respectfully Informative.

–Andrew Burgess/ Teacher; Lorella Pini/ Mother

I felt that when you were recommended by Ezra that it was a valuable gift. The transaction was difficult. Your staff was supportive and knowleadgable, and i liked everyone in your company. If even 20% of business was conducted the way you do…It would turn the country around!! Thank you!!

–Richard Simpson, Raina Steiner

You didn’t give up searching for our dream home, even when we had!

–Tom Horn; 4J Teacher

We love your professionalism, your expediency and remarkable knowledge of the area. David has great skills in mediation and delegation. We appreciate the time, energy, and undivided attention to our needs. Thank you! –Eric Bertrand, Executive Chef at Sundance Natural Foods
Anahid Bertrand, Devoted mother to Sebastian and Pianist/PHD Music

We were very satisfied with the service we received. The house sold quickly, and Pam Haggard did a great job marketing the house. Everything was well communicated and very professional.

— Sia & Melanie Rezvani; Attorney’s of Law

Your company is AMAZING! It was a wonderful experience all the way along the process! Both buyer and seller were very well satisfied and happy in the end. There was nothing you could have done better. It was a dream transaction resulting in my dream house. Many, Many thanks, –Caren Wise

There was nothing you could have done better! I was very satisfied with the personal attention and help I received from Pam. I plan on using your services again!

–Arne Peiterson; Investor, friend, land baron

Pam was wonderful, very patient and did a good job of keeping us informed through a difficult closing.

–Colleen Hammond; Eric Skinner’s Clients

Our realtor was patient, kind, experienced, and knowledgeable, and she helped us get exactly the house we’ve always dreamed of. Everything was perfect, no complaints!

–Keith & Kendall Fuselier; invasive species

My experience was 100% good. Our realtor, Pam Haggard, not only did an outstanding job on finding us our dream home at our dream price, she also (at the same time) did the same for our son. I love that Pam/the company, walks you through the process from beginning to end, and handles so very many details for you to lessen your stress. Through this process we now consider her as a friend and not just our Realtor. She went above and beyond what most Realtors would have done. She had a genuine interest in getting us into the right home, and not just any home that she could just get her commission on and walk away. Pam really and truly, looked out for us as individuals, not just clients. Thank you so much!

What could we have done better?
Nothing 🙂

Would you recommend us to your friends?
Already have 🙂

–Kim and Harry Carver +Sean (he is ecstatic and thanks you so much) who keeps forgetting to mail his… : )

What liked?
*The people – All of you were great to work with – Dave & Ingvar especially!
*Laid back operation.
*Eug. Alt. gives the feeling of independent business operation, free of ultra-corporate resource/profit bias. (You guys treat people like people, not $)
*No B.S. -You said it as it is!

Could have done better?
This was 1st time w/ realtor so have no outside experience to base better. Overall, I’m really happy with experience.

–Jesse Davis

Hi Everyone-
thank you so much for the holiday card and gift. I want to thank everyone in your office for all of your help and assistance and for going above and beyond for me so many times. Everyone was a pleasure to work with and never seemed too busy to answer my seemingly endless array of questions. Your professionalism, politeness, and willingness, along with your great personalities and sense of humor helped me through the difficult and sometimes frustrating process of buying and selling a home. I couldn’t have done it without your help and support. Thank you again and happy holidays!


You were relaxed, courteous, responsible, intelligent and very efficient. We had never bought a home before (despite our age) and we were from out of state– so there was plenty of room for anxiety and other various preoccupations. However, from the moment we met Pam, she was available, efficient, competent, and wonderful to work with.

We have no complaints, only praise for your company.

We liked the name of your company and we had a hunch we’d be happy with your services. We were right!

Thanks for everything.

–Sue & Dave Kilber; Special education teacher; parents of a child w/ a disability

Pam was very understanding of our situation & helped us to work through the sales process. Quick action for all of our requests and needs – info flyers, meetings, etc.

–Marc & Lyra

Very responsive and quick to answer all inquiries. Walked through to process at our speed, taking all personalities into consideration. Great advice. Great team.

–Susan Thelen; Cool Girl

Eugene’s Alternative knows about Great Customer Service. It truly begins with that, first and always. That’s what we received. We were truly pleased with that reception. From there it was easy to do business with great people! But what is Really Great is the consistency of ALL the people involved. Maintenance, neighbors. Everyone is Quiet, going about their daily lives. We love it!

–Collid and Delores Abdin

I had my property listed with two different realtors prior to my listing with Eugene Alternative I was truly impressed with the whole team effort. I felt like a part of their family. Even after my contract was up they marketed my property and sold it not much less than my asking price. One heck of a deal. They are very professional and and understanding with clients needs. I couldn’t be happier and would certainly list with them again if the need arises


Very Positive and high energy operation. I felt that Eugene’s Alternative wanted to sell our house for us from the very first meeting. They gave us objective advice about our house and about the offer we received. I really appreciated all of the tips on contractors. Also , once again I must thank Pam for being so good about helping me to step back and objectively evaluate our offer.

–Judy & Gary

Pat was friendly, no pressure, always available, honest, good communication skills, knowledgeable, helpful and sympathetic with our relocating emotions. I would stand on the streets handing out her cards. She was beyond wonderful.

–Janae & Jimmy Day

very responsive, understood my needs/interests, put my needs/interests before the company’s, friendly & intelligent, very clear and patient.

–April Delaurier

Pat proved to be highly responsive, reliable, and very easy to work with. All of this was very important since we were 2,000 miles away.

–Ute & Ralf Huber

Excellent communications throughout the process. Prompt responses from everyone made us feel as though we had exclusive access to any of your staff at anytime. Amazing! Thanks Dave, Pam, Eric and Sage

–Ann and Bob

Your team approach worked very efficiently, with Eric doing legwork, and Dave and Pam stepping in for contracts and auto-search emails. Your connections and good relations with emily and the title company resulted in record-breaking fast loan approval and closing. We appreciated it.

–Tom and Sally

Having purchased over 30 homes in our lives, we have NEVER recommended an agent upon completion of the purchase or sale — UNTIL NOW!!! Pat’s knowledge, patience, helpfulness, honesty and overall thoroughness made this the single best real estate transaction I have ever had. I will not use anyone other than her and Eugene’s Alternative as long as I live in this area.

–Debra Teer & Marty Mason

You strive for fairness for all parties, which result in agreements that are dependable. You Don’t hesitate when its time to act. You make your position clear so that we know what we need to do to be successful.

–Carolyn and David Gross

We really appreciated how open & helpful everyone on the staff was. You all supported each other really well which made us feel that we had a whole team of agents working for us instead of just one.

–Tabitha Buzby & Rick Glover; Ceramic Artist & Student

Very relaxed, no pressure, down to earth, friendly. We are so happy with our new home!!!

–Kim Harper-Kennedy & Will Kennedy; Graphic Design Artist & CD Store Mgr

I have bought and sold eight homes in my life so I have worked with a variety of real estate professionals. Eugene Alternative Realty is by far the best! Dave and Pam and the entire Eugene Alternative team provided superior marketing knowledge, savvy, and well seasoned sales experience. Dave’s consistent high energy level, patience, and intelligent advice helped me throughout the sales process.” I strongly recommend Dave and Pam to anyone who wants to win in today’s difficult real estate market.

–Patrick Choate; Published Author

I am so grateful to have had the extra care, attention, humor and expertise you’ve offered all the way through. You aren’t just ‘alternative’ – you’re simply the best. When I tell friends about any part of this journey – they can’t believe I’m talking about ‘realtors’ – and in fact it has felt more that I have good friends who just happen to do real estate. You’ve been fantastic.

–John Schmor; Head of Theater Department; UO

There is no pressure, in fact, you take it on for us & therefore put us in a much better mindset when evaluating potential properties. You truly are the best alternative in Real Estate! You (Dave) and your awesome team truly represent the real-ness & good vibrations that Eugene is all about, and you are the perfect Realtors for folks like us. Any Artist-Type would be blessed to work with you & would enjoy the experience. We are so thrilled to be in a home again and our lives are much more relaxed & blessed because of your help & business! 5 stars!

–All of our love, respect & appreciation, Callan & Shelley Coleman; High School Counselor & Musicians

Pam and the whole team were SO helpful with the purchase of our first home. She walked us through each step and didn’t mind explaining everything to us (sometimes more than once!) We had a great experience with Eugene’s Alternative, and we won’t hesitate to call them the next time around. Thanks to everyone for all the help! We love our house!

–Kate & Eliot Grasso; Irish Music Professor

Very competent, well organized, very friendly, caring beyond professional limits. We felt very welcomed, all our needs were met and the advice we received to get along in a new city was extremely helpful. We are please and very thankful. We give you an A+++!

–Hugh and Christiane McGavick; Civil Rights Attorney & Artist

Very knowledgeable and business like without pretense or stuffiness. Definitely felt like you were looking out for our best interests. Thank you.

–Courtney Paulic

Lots of efficiency without high pressure, friendly (very friendly) atmosphere. Great connections in the field. Very knowledgeable. Honesty…This is a big one! Just a pleasure to work with. Willingness to go the extra mile! Thanks for everything!

–Fred Renter

You ALL are the best! Lots of patience! You were really great at getting to know what I was looking for, and matching me to the house was brilliant! I Love the house! Thank you for taking me step by step, and for all the extra stuff you did!

–Gene Leyden

You took the time to make the purchase of the home less stressful. Our situation was not simple due to the cross country communications, but you instilled confidence and you made some very important suggestions. Thank you!

–Sue Mikosz; IRS Auditor/Investigator

We always felt you were looking out for our best interests. We could count on you to be ethical and diligent in finding houses. Thanks for all of your help!! Also, a big thank you for all the recommendations on contractors, they’ve all been great!

–Jackie Fern; LCC professor

Friendly, courteous & professional. Responsiveness to questions and concerns.
Great work-Thanks for all your help!

–George Hug E-Business; Owner/Operator

You were awesome to work with! You were so down to earth, and made us feel important and respected. You made buying a home a very pleasant & exciting experience! Thank you!

–Marc Donofrio & Andrea Hall; Licensed Massage Therapist & Mother

What a blessing it was to have you two on our team when we were selling our home. Thank you for your grace & good humor, and for turning what we’d anticipated being an awful experience into something truly good. You made us feel like more than clients, but like friends and neighbors!

–Michelle Jensen; Childhood development Masters U of O – Research Scientist and Mother

You can tell that relationships are as important to you as other business items. A very positive experience! If ever we move again, we’ll be in touch!

–David Lechner; Computer Technical Specialist – U of O Law School

What I like best about working with your company is your personalities, openness, directness, and this is how it is without other agenda.

–Nir Pearlson; Architect/ Real Estate Investor

You are straight forward, efficient and very helpful at getting cooperation from others involved in the transaction.

–Frank Muhr; Chiropractor

I was initially drawn by your ad in the Eugene Weekly, and after meeting with you felt like I could have a genuine, straight forward, NON-salesman-fast talking-wheeler-dealer kind of relationship with you. I was right. I appreciated your one-on-one personal, friendly relationship that ensued. Thanks so much!

–Tracy Bacon; Structural Engineer Intern

This was my first time buying a home…and I felt so safe!

–Carole Horne; Writer/Director, Little Apple Productions

You guys were Awesome!

–Paula Georgetown;Mother/Apple Grower

I liked the friendliness, competency, attention to detail, and the patience to explain clear understanding.

–Jon Davis; Yard Maintenance and all around nice guy

In addition to being completely professional in our dealings, buying the house, you are politically active on the correct side. This is important to me as you know. The use of bio-diesel in your transportation is also important. Teach by example!

–Paul Scott

Environmental Studies
You went out of your way for me when you didn’t have to. Even so, I was treated like a person, not just a customer!

–Terri Lechnyr; Psychologist

We were buying a house in Eugene for our son, who is going to school there. Because we didn’t know the area, you helped us a ton! You worked with our son, Derek, to find a house that we love, and he learned alot about Real Estate. You made sure he understood everything. Thank you so much!

–Shelley & Raef Lillisve; Contractors, Investors, Proud Parents

You guys are DA BOMB! I immediately felt my interests as a seller would be your first priority and that I could work and play well with your team. Honesty; professional & personal Integrity; great work ethic; down to earth style; flexibility; good sense of humor; attention to detail…all these attributes in your team (combined with my own, similar stellar qualities!) made for a great selling experience. I’d work with you again in a heart beat!

–Rebecca Paparo, RN

Your office is very easy to work with. you are all very accommodating. I liked that there was no pressure and you were willing to work within my comfort level. Your relationships within your industry and persuasive style was a tremendous benefit during the offer process. I am privileged to have worked with such an amazing team, and am happy to refer your office to others. Thank you for your assistance.

–Susan Overton; Loan Officer, American Home Funding

So personal!

— Dianna Paz; Lease Lending, Willamette Financial

We both appreciated your flexibility, low- key approach, and advocacy.

— Daniel Evans & Bekah Cooper

You did a great job for us under admittedly trying circumstances. Fortunately we were able to do a lot of the leg work, and you were there with technical and moral support whenever we needed you to be. Worked out perfectly..also you were really nice, patient, understanding, friendly and caring.

— Sandra Scase

You were helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and (we suppose) reverent. you were not hostile, rude, unkind, disobedient, glum, wasteful, cowardly, soiled or irreverent (very often.)

— Matt Lubic

I felt your honesty & helpfulness through and through. Also, I felt like I was dealing with REAL people. You were also a great source of information. Thank you!

— Susan Snowmountain; Spiritual Hypnotherapist (Taking new clients. 343-0721)

You were available when we needed help or advice.
You listened to us and took action.
You were Over the top professionals.
You were courteous and thoughtful.
You made a potentially stressful experience as enjoyable as it could be.
Hat’s off to you. We know we are detailed-oriented perfectionists for the most part; we research everything, and you were always on the same page that we were on.

–Pat and Lorrie Rather; Retired School Teachers

You were sensitive to my needs, strategic, competent, professional and fun to work with. I have already recommended friends and will definitely be working with you again when I am ready to sell! Basically you were everything I was hoping for.

–Kate Ritley; Student University of Oregon

As second time home buyers we really appreciate the way we were taken through the process step by step, and were not pressured to buy.

–Wayne & Alpha Wilson

Parents happy to be in Oregon
Personal relationships:) Thanks folks!

–Lynne Swartz

Simply put, Eugene’s Alternative Realtors are good at what they do…without all the hype and glamour. They operate with professionalism & efficiency that we found comforting in this kind of market.

–Ryan Frome and Mary Yeager; Veterinary Medicine

If I were asked for a role model for the world, it would be you. It’s the caring, helpfulness, thoughtfulness, people first, friendship, integrity, genuineness, connecting, warmth, sense of being in good hands, that you live that makes this world a better place to be at home in. Thank you so much. I’m sure your good karma will follow you.

–Linda Flanagan