Billy came to Eugene to attend U of O 30 years ago and earned a degree in psychology. His love of the people and the area helped make Eugene and the Lane County area his home ever since. Eugene’s location near the coast and the mountains is perfect for Billy. He is an avid outdoor enthusiast with recreational pursuits ranging from bicycling to river rafting and backpacking to snowboarding . He loves the cultural diversity that makes Eugene unique. Some of his favorite local draws include Saturday Market, Duck football, and seeing live music at venues from small local bars or great summer outdoor events and to big shows drawn by the Mathew Knight Arena. Billy has a great insight into the community and the local real estate market. He loves providing excellent support for clients. Helping them to make well informed decisions regarding the home buying and selling process. His energy and kindness are infectious. Communication is paramount to Billy in the real estate process and to his top goal which is your satisfaction!

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Continue pointing out issues you see on homes, sharing information about unique features of homes that are important to clients.

— Steve & Sylvia Young

We honestly don’t know what Billy could have done better. He was there every step of the way that was such a big help to us. 10/10 star experience. Billy really made our home buying experience the best. He educated us so much on being home owners who are well informed and helped us find the home that was right for us.

Logan & Brett Newstead

What should I stop doing? “Nothing. You are great!”

What should I continue doing? “Being kind, helpful, responsive and going above and beyond for your clients!”

Caitlin & Mckenzie Myers

You were very available and responsive. Your hands-on approach was so helpful. You made great suggestions but never pushed me. You listened to me and always gave great feedback. You supported my decisions and were sensitive to my feelings about things. You are an excellent realtor and a very even and calm influence.

— Julie B

What should I stop doing? Nothing, very happy with everything. What should I continue doing? Being available for questions and quickly responding to all communications.

— Anthony Groff

Honestly we felt like it was a very complete experience. What should I continue doing? Being thorough and informative; as first time home buyers we felt educated on the process and understand what to look for in a home.

Tyler Straub & Alizaire Lewis

What should I start doing? Other than taking good care of yourself so you can continue helping others with real estate,,, you did so much for us and make the experience seamless!

What should I continue doing? Just be yourself- your honesty, warmth and integrity is all you need!

Molly Clark, Jenny Rymer, Matt Davis, and Bill Davis

What should Billy continue doing? Being available for questions and support any time of the day was immensely valuable to us. Communication in the calm and truthful manner that you do also offers assurance and helps Build trust.

Sunny Arthurs

Billy, I really appreciate your effort and patience.  You helped with my education in real estate! Thanks again!

Todd Williams

(Billy) Everything was very helpful!  Keep up what your doing!  Keep up the constant updates on listings and making viewings a fast and simple process!

Briana Earley

What should I start doing? Nothing else you were great Billy would use you again. Very patient with us.  What should I continue doing? Being so available that’s great. You were always there for us.

Ray and Juliet St. Cyr

Would you recommend us to friends? Yes What should I start doing? Don’t Change

Gene Andueza

You were wonderful. Professional, thoughtful, and thorough. If you don’t have a degree in psychology I’m shocked. Thank you for talking me down from hysteria several times.

Kerby Dymoke / Lou Ann Kreutzer

What should I start doing? Nothing! You are awesome What should I stop doing? Nothing! No complaints What should I continue doing? Explaining thoroughly and patiently 🙂

Marie Fisher

To be honest, having used 5 different realtors in my life, [Billy is] by far the best. [He] exceeded all expectations. [He was] personable, diligent, helpful, pleasant, authentic, honest, flexible, fun, and knowledgeable about the real estate process.

David and Maya Ray

Billy was outstanding. He was kind and courteous and followed up with every question and request quickly and thoroughly. His experience and expertise was great!

Rene St. Cyr

Billy’s thoroughness and willingness to go the extra distance was awesome. Very punctual. (What can we improve?) Not sure, we think [he] did great… maybe [he] could’ve bought the house and just gifted it to us?

Justin & Shannon Schott-Lanphear

My experience with my realtor, Billy, was incredibly personable. He heard my needs and educated me on the big picture of buying a home. Working with Eugene’s Alternative Realtors is the way to go- down to earth, local, brilliant!

Jennifer Ferraez

We are completely satisfied with the way our agent (Billy Clotere) handled every aspect of being there for us. He put his care for the client above anything, being available both in person and on the phone whenever we needed him. Excellent Realtor!

Kevin & Angelika

Billy was knowledgeable, patient, and paid great attention to detail. He helped us in every way possible even with local contractors.

Gail and Karen

We enjoyed the friendly, experienced broker we worked with at Eugene’s Alternative. We plan on recommending your company to all of our friends and family. Thank you Billy Clotere for taking care of us and handling everything right up to closing while keeping us informed on everything.

James Stein

Billy was the best! This was not easy, but I had Billy. I could not be any more pleased than I am.

— Chris G.

Billy was very diligent and hard-working in his efforts to help us in every way possible to sell the house. His help was very effective and appropriate.

— Very Happy Seller