Smart Home Products You Haven’t Heard of Yet

Smart home technology has become increasingly popular with homeowners since the advent of the smartphone. In fact,  according to the National Association of REALTOR®‘s 2016 Smart Homes and REALTORS® report, REALTORS® expect this trend to grow and continue with 42 percent of agents claiming interest in being smart home certified, despite only 15 percent of agents reporting receiving questions about them.

One problem facing homeowners and REALTORS® is the constant stream of new and updated technology that makes if difficult, if not impossible, to stay current and educated on what is available. Most consumers are aware of products like Nest and Apple Home, but there are a number of products on the market that consumers currently have little to no knowledge on. Here is a breakdown of three smart home products that scored the lowest familiarity ranking according to NAR’s Smart Homes report.

August. The August Smart Home Access System is a home security system that can be controlled entirely from the homeowner’s smartphone. The Smart Lock allows owners to use their smartphone as their home key, the Doorbell Cam lets users see and speak with visitors at the front door and the Smart Keypad allows owners to create custom entry codes for guests and service providers. All of these products are controlled remotely via the August Connect app.

Awair. Awair tracks toxins, chemicals and allergens in the air of a home and gives personalized recommendations, in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic, to help improve air quality.  Updates are sent to the homeowner’s smartphone and the Awair app allows users to check air quality at will and follow improvements over time.

Lifx. Lifx produces Smart LED light bulbs that allows users to personalize their environment by controlling the bulb’s brightness and color from a smartphone app. Homeowners simply plug in the bulb, download the app and are then able to remotely create light schedules and themes from their phone.

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Source: NAR – Newsline Blog
Smart Home Products You Haven’t Heard of Yet